Attenuators – DC 6GHZ

  • 5 Watt
  • 4.3-10 Male to 4.3-10 Female


  • 5 Watt
  • 4.3-10 Male to 4.3-10 Female


Part NumberAttenuation (dB)Frequency RangeVSWRPower Rating
LF-ATN-43MF-5W3-3dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W4-4dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W5-5dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W6-6dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W7-7dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W8-8dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W9-9dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W10-10dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W11-11dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W12-12dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt
LF-ATN-43MF-5W13-13dBDC-6GHZ:s1.255 Watt

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